How to find and download a map update for your navigation on your computer – BMW How-To

BMW (YouTube) 07.06.2019 18:45 Uhr, Dauer: 1:30

BMW How-To explains step by step how to find and download a map update for your BMW navigation system on your computer. There are two ways to update your map data: via the ConnectedDrive Store or with a BMW-certified USB stick. If you want to download the latest update via the ConnectedDrive Store, please note that you need a USB device with at least 64 GB in FAT32 format. You can choose between a two-year or one-year subscription or an individual download via the BMW ConnectedDrive Store. In the ConnectedDrive Store, go to “Remote Cockpit” and select “Control”. After selecting your computer operating system, and download the BMW Update Manager. You will be prompted to log in again and the download will start. If you have chosen to update the map with a BMW Certified USB stick, you can simply buy it. Watch the other videos in the BMW How-To Series and leave your feedback in the comments below. The BMW Driver's Guide App specifically describes the features and functions of the vehicle. The manual is available as an app in many countries. Further information can be found on the Internet at: Subscribe to the BMW YouTube channel: Other interesting playlists: BMW How-To: BMW X Models: More Videos: ► The Epic Driftmob feat. BMW M235i: ► Retirement is about exploring your wide open future: Visit BMW on Social Media: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitter:

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