Eure Fragen an Yanis Varoufakis - Jung & Naiv: Folge 382

Tilo Jung (YouTube) 18.10.2018 18:45 Uhr, Dauer: 37:41

Subscribe ► Support us financially ► Once again we meet the former Greek finance minister and co-founder of "DiEM25", Yanis Varoufakis. Yanis' "Democracy in Europe Movement 2025" wants to get elected in the upcoming European elections next year. Since Tilo asked his questions in Episode 309, it was your turn this time: We collected your naive questions for Yanis via Twitter, Facebook and Aufwachen Forum. More than 20 made into the episode... 1. Isabel: "Can you please explain your concept of a universal basic dividend and how it relates to the concept of a universal basic income? Do you have an estimate as to what the dividend could amount to for every single EU citizen?" 2. Marvin: "What are the biggest mistakes leftists usually do and what can they learn from the right?" 3. ANKAJU: "How can burned out people, single mothers with two jobs and stressed out students, that have to work 24/7 on their CV for life, actually change the world? Especially when it feels they do not have control even over their own life" 4. GarKeinDing: "What should german social policies look like to maintain Germanys social security system in Europe? Should the EU change to a more german "social market economy" approach?" 5. NH: "When is the next financial and/or economic crisis coming?" 6. GWeberJ: "if everything goes on as usual: what will Europe look like in 2025?" 7. Diet: "Why is the German left so weak?" 8. Jenny: "Can I vote for DiEM25 at the European elections?" 9. Daphne: "Will you be the frontrunner?" 10. Madlen: "Why are “DiEM25” and “Aufstehen” not joining forces? one movement…" 11. Kurt: "How can the sPD save/redeem itself?" 12. timre: "how can you make sure that every EU state plays by the rules?" 13. wasim: "Should the left push for abolishing the nation state as a response to globalisation?" 14. Steve: "why have you not learned that being right is not enough? you need to be in power to change things..." 15. F.Keßler: "What’s up with Greek reperation claims for German crimes during WWII?" 16. keriana: "Socialist or Marxist?" 17. Benny: "In capitalism - is it possible that economical interests of the companies can be aligned with the overall interests of the whole of society?" 18. Rauschi: "Is the Greek crisis over?" 19. Rascasse: "Do there need to be European Amazons, Googles, Facebooks etc?" 20. Friederike: "What about Brexit?" 21. Ricardo: "Summing it up you are trying to give the capitalism a "human face", does that mean that you don´t see any alternative to capitalism?" 22. Len: "What are your three favorite movies?" We recorded this episode in Berlin on October 16, 2018. Please support our show financially. Without your support we could not exist: Jung IBAN: DE36700222000072410386 BIC: FDDODEMMXXX Verwendungszweck: Jung & Naiv PayPal ►

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